Eclectic Ornaments of Christmas

Every year I cull our ornament collection. I get rid of the ones that have no meaning, were purchased in bulk and aren’t worth keeping, or are broken beyond repair. Despite my best efforts to plan ahead and purchase items that I know I’ll have with me for years, some times I make purchases to fill a gap for a year or two. Some ornaments however, I have had since I started my collection, and I intend to keep them. Not only do they have meaning of some sort, are well made, and haven’t been lost or broken in a move, but I think they’re gosh darn cool! When I distill my collection I’m left with some eclectic ornaments that fit within a larger and ever changing colour scheme. This year, I thought I’d honour those ornaments by sharing Eclectic Ornaments of Christmas – Ornaments that myself and 14 other eclectic home decor bloggers have collected  and kept.

If you’re joining me from any of my co-hosts sites, welcome! My name is Ariel and I create bold, bright, colourful and eclectic home decor and DIYs. You can read more about me // here // and see more of my work // here //. I’d love you have you sign-up to my newsletter // here //


Some might be brand new, otherwise might be hand-made and some might even have been crafted by kids! Who knows! You can definitely read more about the ornament choices and their owners by clicking on the links below.

1. This Is Our Bliss // 2. The Striped House // 3. Up To Date Interiors // 4. Southern State Of Mind // 5. Maggie Overby Studios // 6. Casa Watkins // 7. Domicile 37 // 8. Two Thirty Five Designs // 9. PMQ for two // 10. The Gathered Home // 11. Bright Green Door // 12. Cassie Bustamante // 13. Blue i Style // 14. Monica Wants It // 15. Jennifer Dimples and Tangles

I chose my Hudson Bay Company nutcracker ornament. I’ve only had him for a few years, but I love him dearly. His stripes harken to our many HBC blankets, while his traditional nutcracker form completes my collection of nutcrackers, which you can see in my 6 tips for a rocking’ Christmas Party // here // and my colourful & eclectic holiday mantel // here //.


His belt reminds me of the ones that we wore during the Carnaval D’Hiver in Quebec City at our last posting.  You can find him to buy // here //

He is currently sitting on our bookcases as part of our Christmas mantel // here //