Alligator Vinyl Poof

Okay guys, I’ve been dying to do this DIY and then talk about it since the day I ordered my vinyl from Online Fabric I love the rich creamy colour of the vinyl, and I’ve been wanting to add some texture to my decor, so what better way than with an alligator vinyl poof DIY?

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The poof in question is one that I purchase at Target about three years ago, and have recovered at least once since. You may have last seen it in my Jewelry Table revamp from this summer. The cat – Boots – has taken to using it as a scratching post and the blue fabric wasn’t holding up. It also looked a touch too matchy-matchy with the blue table, so I figured the rich brown alligator vinyl would complete the vignette.

alligator vinyl poof

As you can see, Boots was very interested in the poof until the very end.

Materials required to reupholster a poof

Alligator Vinyl, or any fabric from Online Fabric
Staple Gun + extra staples
Measuring tape


Step 1: Because I started with a poof that had already been reupholstered by yours truly, all I had to was peel off the panels I used the first time around.

If you’re upholstering something for the first time though, take measurements and plan out the panels needed for upholstering. I found it easier to break the project down into panels that would be easier to staple on and assemble.

alligator vinyl poof 3

Step 2: Start cutting! Take your time, measure twice and then measure again.

alligator vinyl poof 8I flipped the vinyl over on it’s back to focus on the cuts as opposed to the pattern. As you can see in the photos I’m cutting along the pattern of the existing panels.

alligator vinyl poof 7

Step 3: As with all projects involved a staple gun and fabric, keep the tension consistent when stapling, will keep the fabric smooth. I start by stapling one side rather loosely, and then completing once I’ve done the tricky parts.

alligator vinyl poof 9

Step 4: When doing corners, the nature of the fold isn’t as important as making sure you consistently fold them the same way. I have two different corners on this poof; the ones on the basket, and the ones on the lid.

alligator vinyl poof 6

Step 5: Stapling around the feet is the next trickiest part. I was lucky enough to be working with a pattern, so I had already done the leg work in figuring out where to cut, but if not, take the time to lay the fabric over and mark it.

alligator vinyl poof 10

Cutting for feet, hardware etc. before you staple the fabric to the furniture is key to ensuring smooth cuts and straight lines.

alligator vinyl poof 11

Step 6: I started laying the panels with the “grain” of the vinyl going horizontally, so whichever orientation you chose, make sure you’re consistent all around the piece.

alligator vinyl poof 12

On the whole it took me about 3hrs to properly upholster the alligator vinyl poof. I’m glad I took the time to do it properly, because there’s no way the cat is getting to this one! I doubt vinyl scratches very easily.

Alligator Vinly Poof 16

In its completed form, the poof is magnanimous and just what the second floor landing needed.

Alligator Vinly Poof 15

It also colour coordinates with my accessories perfectly. How many people can say that?

alligator vinyl poof 13

alligator vinyl poof 14

What colour would you have chosen? Do you like the alligator vinyl poof?

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*Online Fabric provided the product for review, but all thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make PMQ for two possible.  


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    1. Ariel Post author

      This was my first time using vinyl, and I really liked it! I think it will stand up much better to the cat 😉 the texture was what I was looking for.