Thrift Score Thursday

I am beyond excited to be hosting this week’s edition of Thrift Score thursday!

TST Guest Host Ariel

This is what everyone else will be seeing on the other bloggers’ sites

In the spirit of thrift score thursday I went out and about tuesday (on my own! without passing-out!)  to a new (to me) thrift store in a church basement one town over. They had OK stuff and I did’t buy anything, but they did have a large candy bowl full of old Christmas light bulbs amongst their Christmas items. These piqued my interest with their colours and shapes – vintage christmas for sure. I might have to go back and snag some and then find a way to work them into a craft or our decor next month.


I happened onto #Thrift Score Thursday through another blog, and was intrigued. I’m always interested in participating in blog hops and round-ups, so I headed out to thrift!

Remember the Hudson Bay king size blanket that I found at Value Village? Well I shared that find on instagram using the hashtag and got picked-up in Corina from A Designer At Home‘s round-up that week. After some fan-girling on my part, it turned out they’re always looking for other bloggers to guest host so I put myself on the wait list and here we are.


How does this all work? What is Thrift Score Thursday?

We all thrift shop and some of us find amazing things when we do. Collectively people tag their finds on instagram with the #thriftscorethursday hashtag, and every week the hosts pick their favourites for a round-up. As a guest host I am invited to do the same.


This beautiful mid century cabinet find from @Futuristichuman is to die for! I would take this in a heart beat and swap it for our IKEA buffet any day. *shhh! Don’t tell our IKEA buffet.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 7.09.00 PM

When I saw the colours in this carpet I was drawn in. They look so rich, textured and inviting. Plus a #footselfie is always fun, right? The rug find from @Yomiland is a great #thriftscorethursday find.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 7.17.26 PM

These gorgeous plates are from @Mariaski63, she found them while estate shopping. Their deep hues are perfect for the season and very much something I would have purchased.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 7.10.27 PM

I wouldn’t mind adding this plush chair to my sitting room. @cacoandkai found it while thrifting and were also quite taken with it.

I think if we combined all four finds it would make for an adorable vignette right at home in our PMQ.

And now time to see what the others are up to this week:

That’s all for today lovelies!

Live boldly



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