Peppermint Vodka

This holiday season I’m participating in a DIY gift blog hop! Hooray! Every monday until December, myself and the Canadian Home Decor and DIY bloggers will be sharing a DIY gift for the holiday season. They’ll be small, hostess appropriate gifts that you can make easily.

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Let’s be honest, you probably have a million and one holiday parties and events lined-up, so instead of buying your standard box of chocolates we thought we’d show you what you could make!

My gift idea this week is peppermint vodka in a Bernardin jar. We gave these last year as a gift to all of our friends in time for the holidays. Think of the possibilities! Candy cane martinis, spiked peppermint hot chocolate, the list goes on!

peppermint vodka


Vodka – I bought a bottle of Absolute to make about 20 little jars
Jam sample size Bernardin jars
Pepperming extract
Decorative ribbon
Red food colouring (optional)


Step 1 – Pour two ounces of vodka into a clean Bernadin jar. You can add more of less depending on how generous you feel as a gift giver. I usually make the allotted amount that I need to, and if there’s any leftover vodka after I’ll divy it up between the jars.

peppermint vodka 1

Step 2 – Add once teaspoon of peppermint extract to the vodka. I find 1 tsp is strong enough for 2 ounces of vodka. If you add significantly more vodka make sure you increase the peppermint extract.

If you’re adding red food colouring this is the time to do it.

peppermint vodka 2

Step 3 – Seal with a bow!

peppermint vodka 3

If you got one of these last year or are getting one of these this year you are a lucky duck.

Hint! Someone please give me a delightfully alcoholic christmas gift.



Now it’s time for some more DIY Christmas gift ideas from my Canadian blogging friends. Get ready for some wonderful handmade gift inspiration for your holidays!
From the top, they are:

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Peppermint Vodka from PMQ For Two –> that’s me!

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What would you give as a hostess gift?

Live boldly.






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11 thoughts on “Peppermint Vodka

    1. Ariel Post author

      I think my gif game is pretty strong 😉 Thanks for affirming my use of silly images!

      What adult refuses some fun alcohol at christmas?!

    1. Ariel Post author

      It’s an easy gift to make, that’s for sure! Let me know if you make any 🙂 You can easily jazz-up the wrapping with candy canes or other holiday dressings.