DIY Glitter Bird Garland

The penultimate edition of the 2015 Canadian Home Decor and DIY blogger Christmas gift blog hop is today! Today I’m featuring my DIY Glitter Bird Garland, a beautiful addition to your christmas boughs or trees and the perfect gift for the lover of all things plush and glittery.

DIY glitter bird garland 8

Isn’t it beautiful? The whole thing cost about 20$ to make in materials, but that’s a guesstimation considering I owned the ribbon and glitter.


Scrap book card stock about 1.73$ a sheet x 7
Hot glue gun
Elmer’s school glue
cutout of bird

DIY glitter bird garland


Step 1: Line-up your materials and start tracing the outline of the bird on your scrap book card stock. Cut as many birds as you need.

DIY glitter bird garland 2

I had seven (7) shades of paper so I cut two birds from each colour. I needed 14 birds for my 74″ garland. You could make more or less depending on how long a garland you need.

Step 2: Trace the outline of the wing from the bird shape on all the scrap book card stock. You’ll need one wing per bird. Cut them out.

DIY glitter bird garland 1

Step 3: Bend the long flat edge of the wing a little bit. I don’t have a precise measure because it depends on how big your bird and wing are. The little bend will create a flap to glue to the bird cutout.

step 4: Line the edge of the wing with white school glue and affix to the bird as if adding a second wing.

DIY glitter bird garland 3

Because I wanted an ombre effect with the girds I decided to alternate the colour of the wings on the bird so as to create a contrast. I think it looks delightful, but you can easily just match the colour of the wing to the bird.

Step 5: Let dry

Step 6: Using white school glue, dot the beak and then add lines if glue in the tail area, cover in glitter. I used gold because of the colours in our decor.

DIY glitter bird garland 4

Step 7: Let dry.

Step 8: Measure ad cut the length of your garland in ribbon. I used a crushed red velour ribbon for my garland.

Step 9: As an extra detail I added two big red bows, created with the same red ribbon, and added them at the fixture points where I hang the garland. The big bow will hide the hooks on the wall!

DIY glitter bird garland 8

Step 9: Start gluing your birds to the garland. I had 14 birds places every 5.5″ along the garland. I glued them at the tip of the top wing, but you could glue it any which way, it just depends on your preference.

Step 10: Let dry.

Step 11: Hang and admire!

DIY glitter bird garland 7

falalalala! The BEST Target find – ever

DIY glitter bird garland 12

Look at that face!

Bruce agreed to participate in this photo shoot by laying on the blanket with his pet raccoon. He looks so sad but is actually quite happy.

DIY glitter bird garland 6

So there you have it, a DIY glitter bird garland using colourful scrap book card stock and crushed red velvet ribbon! Can’t wait to see what you make.

Live boldly.

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