DIY Cookie Cutters

I’ve been sitting on this project for a while now. It’s been in the back of mind mind for about a month as I’ve tried to figure out how to do it. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find metal that is thin enough that you can bend it by hand, but sturdier than embossing metal.

This DIY cookie cutter tutorial is super simple and will allow you to gift your favourite shapes to your family and friends this holiday season.

Materials needed

Connector Metal Duct sleeve
Metal sheerers
Hot glue gun
Needle nose pliers
Decorative ribbon
Cookie cutter inspiration?

You can buy everything you need at your local Home Depot, as well as a surprising amount of Christmas items.

diy cookie cutter


Step 1: Start by flattening the metal coupling due, and then taping a straight line that you’ll use to guide your cuts.

Keep in mind that the width of the metal strip you’re laying-out will be the depth of your cookie cutter.

diy cookie cutter 3

Step 2: Using the metal shearers cut a strip of aluminium.

Step 3: Sand down the edge you just cut to make sure there aren’t any metal slivers. It would suck to get a little sliver in your next cookie!

Step 4: Wash the alluminm! I can’t stress this enough! It’s coated for industrial use, so give it a good scrub or two with some soap and water.

Step 5: Using the needle nose pliers, start bending the metal strip to make the shape of your desired cookie cutter.

diy cookie cutter 2

I made an atomic starburst and a dove. I based the dove off the image below, and the atomic star off my favourite cookie cutter shape.

Step 6: Once you’ve achieved the desired shape hot glue the two ends of the metal strip together.

Be careful because the hot glue will heat the metal very quickly, so use the needle nose players to hold the two bits together while it dries.

Step 7: Add a huge bow and voila! Your very own christmas cookie cutter.

diy cookie cutter 1

The final product cuts beautifully as long as the dough is thick enough.

diy cookie cutter 4

diy cookie cutter 6

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9 thoughts on “DIY Cookie Cutters

  1. Colleen Pastoor

    I’m so impressed! I’m not sure I could make mine look so beautiful… and not crinkled 😉 These would be fun to make if you can’t find a specific shape (I’ve been known to run to every craft and baking store in town!)

    1. Ariel Post author

      You should definitely try making some! They’re a delightfully easy DIY, it will definitely save you some time next holiday season 😉 They also make great gifts.